Tips for preparing your children for moving abroad

Any move is stressful and carries a lot of emotional weight. However, moving abroad has its specific stressful moments. While it will be hard for you to say goodbye to friends and family, your children can have an even harder time. This is why it is important to know how to prepare them and give them the smoothest possible transition. Here are some tips on preparing your children for moving abroad.

Talk to them as early as possible

Breaking the news of the move to your children can be hard. You might want to put it off as long as you can. However, the sooner you tell them, the greater opportunity for them to accept the decision. Make sure to let them ask any questions or voice any concerns they might have. Moreover, explore the new country together. Look up any interesting landmarks or tourist attractions in the area. Think about the activities they enjoy and try to find places where they can experience them in the new country.

When preparing your children for moving abroad, it's important to talk as well as to listen.
Talking to your children about the move is best done sooner rather than later.

Additionally, try not to voice your own fears and concerns in front of your children. This will only make them more anxious and confused as to why you are moving. They should keep a positive image of their new home in their minds.

While you should prepare your children as soon as possible, you should also prepare your home. Start packing and looking for a reliable moving company as early as possible. There are many companies who specialize in international moves that will give you the peace of mind you need.

Involve them when preparing your children for moving abroad

The move should ultimately be your decision. The time and destination of your move is best left to the adults. However, there are some decision in which your children should be included. For example, what they want their bedrooms to look like and which school they would enjoy attending. Making these choices will help them feel more included. Additionally, they are more likely to have a positive reaction if they choose some things on their own. 

Furthermore, include your children in the packing process. They should have a say in which of their things they would like to take with them. If you have hired a company to pack your belongings, make sure that they don’t pack your children’s rooms. You and your children can pack those together, and talk about your emotions and concerns while you do so.

Keeping a routine

A routine is a crucial part of any person’s life. However, children are even more likely to cling to this routine as their emotional ‘safe space’. When you are preparing your children for moving abroad, think about how they spend their time. Consider what their daily routine is like. If they enjoy going to the park, make sure that there is one in your new neighborhood. On the other hand, if they like going to the movies, find the nearest theater and see what kind of movies they play. This way, you know what will make them feel more at home, even before you get there. Keeping this same or similar routine will help them acclimate better and sooner.

Man holding a child on a bicycle.
Find activities which you and your children enjoy doing together.

After a move, you will most likely want to save some money. Spending time outdoors such as in a park or a bike trail is a cheap way to have fun. However, not all international moves have to be expensive. In order to know what you are in for, you can find a quote online and spend the money on what really matters.

Saying goodbye when preparing your children for moving abroad

One of the hardest parts of an international move when it comes to your children is saying goodbye to their friends. They are leaving people who have become important parts of their lives. In order for them to have closure, allow them enough time to properly express their feelings to their friends and family. A farewell party is a great chance to talk to everyone and share memories. You and your children can even make special gifts or photos of friends by which you can remember them.

Furthermore, as important it is to say goodbye, your children will probably want to keep in touch as well. Make sure that they understand they can write or talk to their friends even from their new home country. Help them collect phone numbers and home addresses. That way, they know that they can still have them in their lives.

Learn the language when preparing your children for moving abroad

If you are moving to a foreign country, it is more than likely that their main language is not the same as yours. Knowing the language will help your children greatly when it comes to making new friends. Start getting yourself and your children familiar with the language as soon as possible. Children are much faster learners that adults are will learn a new language quicker. You can hire them a tutor, or even enroll them in online classes. Additionally, play the music and cartoons in that language. These are great ways to teach them something without them ever realizing that they are learning.

Translation app image.
Learning a foreign language is easier than ever before.

Talk to your children about making new friends

Your children should know that the friends they leave behind will not be forgotten. On the other hand, help them come up with ways of meeting new friends. Preparing your children for moving abroad can be emotionally exhausting. That is why it’s a good idea to meet new people as soon as possible. Plan a housewarming party where you will invite your neighbors and their children. These are the people you will be surrounded by every day. You and your children should get to know them as soon as possible.

Moreover, consider sports and other extracurricular activities which your children enjoy. Together with them, try to find teams or clubs in your new hometown. This is a great way to meet new people and have that sense of security back. You should also meet with your children’s new teachers as well as parents of their classmates. By doing this, you ensure that your child is around people you yourself approve of.

Enjoy your new home with your children

With so many tasks to be done before and during the move, it’s easy to forget to enjoy it. While preparing your children for moving abroad, think about what you can do once you have arrived there. When you have settled in your new home, set the time to explore the new country with your children. Find ways of spending the time you have enjoyed in your home country. However, make sure to try new things as well. By trying new activities, you help your children become more well-rounded and acclimated people.

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