Tips for relocating with a pet

The majority of people who have pets, see them as part of their families. You take care of them and they give you love and affection, which turns into an unbreakable bond for life. But that bond can get shaken once your pet’s whole life changes, your home. Whatever pet you have, they likely spend the majority of their time in your house or yard. Once you move, everything that they knew will be gone. The least you can do for them and yourself is to hire ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong. If you want to help your pet go through this stressful period, read our tips for relocating with a pet.

What should you do when relocating with a pet?

Even though they won’t know what exactly is going on, they will sense it. Even if you try your best to not show it, you will give off a stressed vibe, that your pets will pick up on. This will get worse as moving day with some moving service Hong Kong draws closer. The least you can do when relocating with a pet is to:

  • Stick to your routine
  • Keep them entertained
  • Prepare a space for them
Picture of a woman enjoying her time after relocating with a pet
They will sense your vibes


Stick to your routine

Pets thrive on routine. Even if you think that you don’t have one, you likely have a routine. You probably feed them at the same time and have your designated playtime. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it during the period of moving. Pets will be stressed no doubt, but the routine will be a little resemblance to everyday life that they can hang onto during the whole chaos. Even after you finish moving with some international movers Hong Kong, either keep the old or develop a new routine. Moving is a great chance to implement new healthy habits, so make good use of the chance that you have.

Keep your pets entertained

No matter the kind of pet that you have, they all want some kind of attention and entertainment. The best way to keep your pets happy is to play with them, even a little goes a long way. But if you just cannot find time to do this, make sure to give them plenty of toys and other things that you know will keep them entertained.

Prepare a space for them

If you have a cat, for example, you know that they are very territorial animals. They will anxiously go through the new home and smell everything. It will be so overwhelming that they will hide under something at some point. You should help them take it slow, by giving them small spaces to explore at a time. When some domestic movers Hong Kong drop you off, prepare one room for them to stay in. Put everything that they need and leave them there to explore for some time.

Picture of a cat smelling
Relocating with a pet should not be rushed

Conclusion on relocating with a pet

Since your pet is part of your family, you will want them to accept the move as well as possible. Even though they will be stressed in the beginning, they will come around. Give them plenty of love and attention and it will all be alright. But on the other hand, if you see your pet struggling to adjust, you should contact a professional. Since they help us relieve our stress, it is time to pay back the favor. Good luck!

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