Tips on moving in the off-peak season in Hong Kong

When it comes to relocating, one of the top priorities should be picking a moving date. Logically, a large majority of people choose the peak season to move to a new house. They find that conducting relocation is easier in the peak season, especially if you hire a local moving company in Hong Kong. However, there are so many perks of moving in the off-peak season, especially in large cities such as Hong Kong. Not only will it save you some money, but also it will bring you many other advantages. Therefore, in this article, we will break down the upsides of moving in the off-peak season. They will surely help you organize and handle your move successfully.

Moving in the peak or off-peak season, which to select?

First things first, it’s important to distinguish the peak and off-peak moving season. Moving can easily be handled during good weather. Therefore, it’s no surprise a lot of people tend to move in the spring and summer. There are so many good reasons to do it at that time of the year. First, the children will be able to go to their new school at the beginning of the school year. They won’t have to join in the middle of the semester and be stressed about it. Also, as previously mentioned, the weather is better. Sunny and warm days are the most favorable options when you plan your move. Finally, if you need to sell your previous home or estate, the demand is higher in the summertime.

What are the benefits of moving in the off-peak season, especially in a city such as Hong Kong?

While moving during fall and winter can be a bit more complicated, it has its perks. Sure, the weather is risky, as rain and snow can make your moving process difficult. Also, it can be harder to find good storage in Hong Kong. However, contrary to popular opinion not to move during the off-peak season, we recommend it.

  • Moving in the winter or fall is budget-friendly

You surely have a limitation on your moving budget. That’s why you should begin by searching for moving rates before deciding which moving company to hire. Also, one of the most important things concerning your relocation is handling it at the right time. Especially if you want to save some money. So, that’s why it’s good to know that moving in the off-peak season will save you money. Many affordable moving companies tend to lower their prices as much as 30 percent. Logically, as there is less demand, the rates are lower and the availability of movers is higher.

a hand holding a calculator
If you opt for moving in the off-peak season, you can expect to save money on your relocation.
  • Choose wisely the month, day, and time if you plan to move in the off-peak season

Even if you pick to move in the off-peak season, there’re parts of the months when we wouldn’t suggest moving. As most leases begin and end at the beginning of the month, it’s busier for the movers. Therefore, try organizing your relocation in the off-peak season in mid-month, even mid-week. Also, many reliable moving companies suggest moving during weekdays. Simply, if you can afford a day or two off work, you could also save money. Also, you will have more time with the movers. Afterward, you’ll have the entire weekend to unpack and settle in your new home.

Moving during the off-peak season will suite your movers

Besides many advantages moving off-season has for you, it also has many perks for self-movers.

The cooler weather in the off-peak season will suite your movers

When you think about moving during a summer day, lots of sweat and iced water is inevitable. There’s no doubt your movers will fill exhausted. Hence, moving in cooler weather is a much better option for everyone. Loading moving boxes into the truck would be much easier. Especially when you don’t have to stop to cool down every couple of minutes, right? Finally, when the temperatures are lower, the movers can concentrate more on their job. They will surely be more focused on finishing the relocation on time.

water in the bottle
It is better to organize your move during the off-peak season, as your movers will not get dehydrated.

Less traffic in the off-peak season means safer and quicker deliveries

It’s a fact many people move during the summer. As a result, we get really busy roads, traffic jams and a lot of accidents. That’s why our suggestion is a little bit different. Even though you might be worried about icy and wet roads during fall and winter, let’s explain. First, you don’t have to worry about safety, because in the colder seasons, there’re fewer vehicles on the roads. However, if you’ve hired skilled movers, there’s no reason to fear. They surely got the right skills to handle these situations.

Snow can make moving in the off-peak season harder
Your movers are skilled to handle moving in the bad weather, so do not worry.

Moving during the off-peak moving season gives you more flexibility

As you already know, organization and planning is everything in the moving process. When you plan to handle the relocation during the season, it’s harder to plan the way you want it. However, moving in the off-peak season gives you more dates to choose from. As the demand is lower, you could set the ideal moving dates around your schedule. Therefore, you won’t be in a rush and your relocation won’t be as stressful. Also, you’ll get more attention from the moving company. Because when you opt to move in the off-peak season, movers won’t be so tired, stressed and under pressure. Therefore, you’ll get less busy moving consultants, dispatchers, and movers. The movers will have more time and will be happy to help you with everything you need.

Get your stuff ready for the moving day

Don’t forget to pack your items properly when moving in bad weather conditions. So, double-wrap the boxes to prevent leakage. Also, wear appropriate footwear and jackets. Finally, cover the area between the truck and your homes.

Let’s wrap it up

We hope we’ve proved that moving in the off-peak season is beneficial in so many aspects. Stay safe and enjoy your relocation, even if it’s a local one.


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