Top art galleries in Hong Kong to visit

Moving to Hong Kong can be very exciting. You will have a chance to meet and learn about new culture and customs. You will be a part of one of the most exciting cities in the world. Hong Kong has so many things to offer – from great job opportunities, different cousins, some local delicious and exciting food. But above all, there are top art galleries in Hong Kong. There are quite a few of them that are very interesting and worth your time. If you are an art lover that is looking for a job don’t hesitate, relocating to Hong Kong is an ideal choice for you! 

How to find the most interesting art galleries in Hong Kong?

Well, first of all, you need to move here! We are not joking – this is a great city to start your life from the beginning, to meet some very interesting people and explore art.  Hong Kong has been the center of an Asian art explosion, with world-class art galleries. And as an addition, there are so many festivals making Hong Kong even more interesting. Before you move, use your computer and find the best neighborhood to live in Hong Kong. After that, of course, start searching for a moving company and start the process of relocation to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong that has art galleries in Hong Kong
You will enjoy your time in Hong Kong

In case you want to be close to some of the galleries, do not worry. There are a lot of art galleries in Hong Kong so you will have no trouble finding the right spot, where you will be able to start your journey. In this little guide, we are going to talk about some galleries in Hong Kong and to present you with our choice of very best art galleries. Od course, if you find any more along the way – even better!

Aishonanzuka – one of the first stops on the tour of visiting art galleries in Hong Kong

Aishonanzuka is one of the few galleries in Hong Kong that are specializing in Japanese art. This gallery is truly one of the best representatives of Japanese art. A collaboration between Japanese galleries Aisho Miura Arts and Nanzuka, Aishonanzuka features contemporary art.

japanese drawing that will be displayed in art galleries in Hong Kong
Aishonanzuka is one of the first art galleries that feature Japanese art

Most of the display is by established and emerging artists from Japan who challenge norms. They are creating something different and something that is both original and impactful. They are pouring their life and heart into those pictures. You can expect names like Hajime Sorayama and Nobuyoshi Araki to see in Aishonanzuka. You can be sure that you will enjoy your time here, and you will be amazed when you exit this gallery. The address for this art gallery in Hong Kong is 2-4 Mee Lun St, Central.

Tang Contemporary Art – pioneer amongst art galleries in Hong Kong

This art gallery in Hong Kong has been founded in 1997. They have expanded their galleries to Beijing and Hong Kong. So if you are in love with Asian contemporary art – then as we mentioned, Hong Kong is the place for you. Don’t hesitate and find your international mover today, get all the details and start packing! This gallery in Hong Kong is also specific by another thing. They are located 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central and they are located in a state-of-the-art glass tower designed specifically for galleries. So, trust us it will really be breathtaking.

Bamboo Scenes Gallery – photography with a noble goal

This art gallery was originally established in 2019. But it was established as an online platform for photographers from Hong Kong. This way they would be able to share their work with more people. But, also local art lovers would be able to get those amazing photographies for an affordable price. Recently, they have opened an art gallery in Sai Ying Pun. That way, you can come and view all the works of local photographers. If you are a photography lover, this is a great art gallery for you.

person taking pictures
In Bamboo Scenes Gallery you will find different photographies that will leave you amazed!

In Bamboo Scenes Gallery you will be able to see a really large number of different artist and maybe, you will find something suitable for your new home. We know, you are thinking that renting an apartment in Hong Kong is expensive, but if you really want to chase your dream you can find micro-apartments in Hong Kong that are the perfect answer for you. Keep in mind, that this noble gallery gives 10 percent of their sale profit to charity. That way they are trying to improve our world.

A place for different artists – Blindspot Gallery

This gallery is located in Wong Chuk Hang. If you did not know, this place is booming with art. The primary focus of this gallery in Hong Kong is contemporary photography and image-based works in contemporary art. But what is interesting – they are one of the largest art galleries in Hong Kong. Usually, they are representing local artists but they host exhibitions by artist around the region. So, if you have your work, and you would like to transport it, you can get short term storage Hong Kong and take all of your art with you. Who knows, maybe one day you will be featured in Blindspot gallery.

88 Gallery – place for international artists

When we speak about 88 Gallery we are speaking of something else. Many people are actually thinking that this is Hong Kong’s answer to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. In this art gallery, you will find a different type of art. Here you will find handcrafted furniture, decorative objects, antiques but also some of the very unique collectible items made of precious materials. Besides local artists, you will be able to see here works from Belgium ironworker Ado Chale and some jewelry from French designer Robert Goossen. The 88 gallery is located 229 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan. Make sure to add it to your list!

antique furniture displayed in art galleries in Hong Kong
In 88 gallery you will find the antique furniture amongst other things!

Is it worth moving to Hong Kong because of the art?

Well, the answer to this question depends on how much you actually want to meet their culture and their art. Are you really in love with this type of art? If the answer is maybe or yes, you should definitely move to Hong Kong. It will be a new experience and you will enjoy it. You can get help from moving company to pack up your things even faster and come to Hong Kong as soon as possible. They might be also able to give you some tips which art galleries in Hong Kong to visit as well, or maybe what is the best restaurant. Don’t lose time and start calling moving companies today!


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