Top moving destinations in China for millennials

You decided on moving out of Hong Kong and explore the other areas of China. As you already know, China is rich in history and culture and it is a vast place. If there is a chance, one should visit China at least once in their lives. But, at the moment, you need to choose an adequate place to continue your education and career. So, let us explore China together and check out a few moving destinations in China for millennials. Let’s go!

Let’s make a relocation plan first

Once you found a perfect place to relocate to, you must start working on your moving logistics. First, you must inspect the entire home and realize how complex it will be. Check all your belongings and furniture and make a moving checklist. Declutter and downsize as well and if needed enlist the removal company Hong Kong to get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Or you can always donate and be a good Samaritan.

Once you have your checklist and an inventory list ready, you can start looking for a company and check out the moving service Hong Kong offers. With the info you gathered, your movers will create the cheapest and the safest plan to relocate you and your family. Therefore, start preparing, China awaits!

Shenzhen is among the most popular moving destinations in China for millennials

We will start strong with forever famous Shenzhen! The Pearl River Delta is something you must see and it is growing by the day. China’s government is investing heavily to expand the green and lush areas and parks for its inhabitants to find peace and tranquility. Also, this place’s popularity is growing by the day because it is close to Hong Kong. And there you can find whatever your heart desires. Finally, keep in mind that the cost of living is a bit higher than in other areas but income is higher as well. Hence, definitely a place worth checking out and one of the top moving destinations in China for millennials.

Shenzhen is one of the moving destinations in China for millennials
Once you witness the natural beauty of China, you won’t wish to live anywhere else.


Xiamen is a seaport town and the most romantic city at the same time. It is a small city but everything is strategically placed so you can have a cozy and relaxed time at any moment. And as such a place, it has a booming economy, amazing infrastructure, and a good transportation system. You can travel by boat, plane, bus, or taxi which is the most popular choice for most of us. Go online and browse a bit, you will surely fall in love with the small and cozy Xiamen.

Hangzhou is among great moving destinations in China for millennials

Another among the moving destinations in China for millennials is the exalted Hangzhou. You can only imagine what this city holds as the capital of the Zhejiang Province. In general, China is covered with nature, greenery, and a lot of parks with amazing wildlife. It is a coastal city with an amazing waterfront but it has a mountain range as well. So you can either go fishing, swimming, hiking or climbing. Not to mention the importance of the culture and the preservation of it. As one of the oldest cities in China, it is taken care of annually and always in good shape. So, call your movers, obtain all the packing supplies Hong Kong, and let’s get moving. Hangzhou is just around the corner!

The great wall of China
China is rich in history and natural wonders. Do not miss out on it.


We will finish our journey with Suzhou in the Jiangsu Province. What is amazing about this place is the fact that it is more like a European destination rather than a city in China. Full of canals, rivers, squares, and wonderful gardens. Natural beauty can be the only reason to move here. But there are surely many more as this is a city with around 10 million people. And there is a strong reason for that. Suzhou is packed with everything you need so consider this one and put it on your priority list.

Now you know a few moving destinations in China for millennials. Remember to prepare your relocation plan upfront and to cover your important documents. Ensure everything is valid and up to date and get to know the laws and regulations of the city you are moving to. Good luck and stay safe.

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