Top summer activities in Hong Kong

Most of people love summer. They enjoy the nice weather, and they enjoy all the opportunities that summer brings. Of course, on the other hand, there are people who enjoy winter or colder days. But, our honest advice is to go out and enjoy endless summer activities in Hong Kong. There are a lot of options, and if you are moving here and you are not sure will you have fun here – don’t worry. Moving here and enjoying summer in Hong Kong will become one of your favorite things. Just be careful, do not fall in love with the first activity – use the summer and try all the possibilities that Hong Kong offers.

What are the best summer activities in Hong Kong?

Well, as we mentioned the opportunities to have fun in the summer in Hong Kong are endless. There are so many options from enjoying on the rooftops to different art and music festivals. One thing after you move here that you can be sure off – you will have fun! You will always have what to do and you will have a lot of options. It might take a little bit to adjust to summer in Hong Kong due to humidity, but after that, you will be happy that you moved.

people jumping and enjoying Top summer activities in Hong Kong
You will have a lot of fun in the summer in Hong Kong

Enjoying the rooftops in Hong Kong

Well, this the first option for many people when it comes to summer activities in Hong Kong. When you are relocating, before you find international movers Hong Kong you should do proper research on the apartments. It would be great to find an apartment with access to the rooftop. That way, you can simply go upstairs once you are done with the work and enjoy the view. Call friends, maybe get a good book or simply enjoy the view!

restaurant on the rooftop
You can be sure that you will love being on the rooftop and enjoy the amazing view!

If you prefer bars and restaurants, you can choose among many of them. You can choose the one with the best food, or drinks or the view. It is completely up to you. After all, this is your summer activity in Hong Kong and you should choose only best for yourself.

Do you love Toy Story?

If you have kids, or if you feel like a kid yourself – this summer in Hong Kong is great for you! In Harbour City, the latest movie from Pixar is having a lot of different events! Toy Story 4 is coming to live there, and you will be able to meet all the heroes. There will be different types of games, challenges and this is definitely time to find packing services Hong Kong get all the toys out and enjoy this rather uniques summer activity in Hong Kong! Be on the lookout for pop-up dessert store and photo spot presented by Hong Kong Disneyland

Brunch as one of the interesting summer activities in Hong Kong

Well, since it is summer a lot of places offer bubbly brunches. It is summer and in general, people are more outgoing than usual. There are also a lot of tourists, and if you just moved here we understand that you might feel like one. You just got relocated, you just got your things in storage, you just got unpacked. And now – well you need friends! So, brunches should be your go-to place! These brunches on different locations, on some you can enjoy free champagne, on others, you can try extraordinary sushi. Either way – you will enjoy this, and maybe find new friends!

brunch as one of the best summer activities in Hong Kong
Brunch can be a very relaxing and fun activity during the summer

Art is very popular and alive in the summer in Hong Kong!

As you probably already know, Hong Kong has a lot to offer when it comes to art. Different art galleries, museums, events – are just some of the options that you have when it comes to summer activities in Hong Kong. You can choose where you would like to go, what type of art you are interested in. Or if you are maybe interested in museums then you will have a lot of different options for summer activities in Hong Kong.

Museums in Hong Kong

Also, one of the good sides of the museums is the fact that all of them have great air conditioning. So, not only that you will enjoy exhibits, but you will also feel refreshed. You can visit the Hong Kong Science Museum, they have a lot of different options here and you will find something amusing for you. On the other hand, if you want to get to know Hong Kong and you love history there are three places you should visit – Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin, the Hong Kong Museum of History in Tsim Sha Tsui and the Museum of Coastal Defence in Shau Kei Wan. Entry fee is not too expensive, and you will have the fun whole day!

Hong Kong museum
You will love the Hong Kong museums!

Art in Hong Kong

As we mentioned, there are a lot of galleries, a lot of events, festivals that you can enjoy in Hong Kong. For example, this August you can enjoy the International Arts Carnival 2019. This is an annual festival, that is very family-friendly. If you have kids – you can be sure that going to this Carnival will become your family tradition. They offer a wide variety of ways to have fun, there are a lot of musical adaptations to different stories that you and your kids will love!

Shopping can always be a fun summer activity in Hong Kong

If you have just moved to0 Hong Kong, naturally you will want to buy some new things for your place. Or you will simply wish to visit all those amazing shopping malls and little stores. Plus side for shopping as a fun activity is a fact that you will be in a very cool area and you will avoid the heat. There are a lot of new shopping malls that you can enjoy, and we are sure that you will make the most of it!

shopping centre
Shopping can always be fun!

Hong Kong is ideal for summer activities

Hong Kong has a very diverse terrain. You can enjoy indoor activities, but also you can go to the beach and maybe try scuba diving. Hong Kong offers everything – beaches, mountains, and fun in the city. So no matter what you choose – you will enjoy it for sure!



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