Ultimate cross-country moving checklist

You are pretty much excited because you decided to take a great leap into the unknown. The long-distance move will be a demanding job to do. For every job well done it needs a good organization. But to have good organizing skills you will need the ultimate cross-country moving checklist.

How to make a cross-country moving checklist

Cross-country checklist, like any other checklist, needs to be a guide for moving. So, make it in a way to include all important elements and serve you as a reminder, as do not forget list’. Activities are:

  • Find the perfect house for you
  • Examine your belongings and mark things that you intend to take with you
  • Decide what are you going to do with the things that you don’t need any more
  • Make an inventory list
  • Make a decision if you are going to take your vehicle with you
  • Choose a good long-distance moving company
  • Check new country’s regulations
  • Label the moving boxes yourself
  • Get insurance for your moving
  • Make a plan where to place your items when you finish the move
  • Try to maintain calmness

Finding the perfect house for you-first on your cross-country checklist

Let’s imagine that you are relocating to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is in China. Definitely, you are about to change your entire life. It’s irrelevant from where you are coming because China is special in more than one way.

It is a different world, different cultures different kinds of lifestyles, different food, habits, and landscapes. While you are making your preparation and doing your cross-country moving checklist, try to understand their culture and way of life.

Your perfect house needs to be all that the old house wasn’t.

Examine your belongings and mark things that you intend to take with you

Because you are moving long-distance, it would be good to examine your furniture, clothes and other personal things before you move. This is an important step in your cross-country moving checklist because some of those items can be infested with insects or vermin. So, in transportation, it can infest other stuff as well. Why make more cost than you need?

Decide what are you going to do with the things that you don’t need any more

If you have old things or devasted furniture, or your car isn’t in a good shape, why to organize moving for them when you can sell them, donate, recycle them or even give them to family and friends. In that way, you are going to cut your costs of moving. Save your environment by recycling. Please don’t skip this step in the cross-country moving checklist.

-cross-country moving checklist
The best way to organize your move-ultimate cross-country moving checklist!

Make an inventory list

When you are done with examining your belongings, it is time to make an inventory list. That is a list of all things that you are planning to move. An inventory list needs to contain items in every room individually. This is all because when your belongings come to your new home, it will be easier for you to know where to place them.

Make a decision if you are going to take your vehicle with you – cross-country moving checklist

The destiny of your vehicle is a very important step in your cross-country moving checklist. Moving long-distance, let’s say to Hong Kong and transporting your vehicle there is not going to be easy. It will be a stroke on your budget because you will need to think about customs clearance, storing your vehicle and changing your driver’s license because of different regulations in China. Driving a car in China isn’t very popular.

Choose a good long-distance moving company – cross-country moving checklist best

The transportation of your possessions to your doorstep can be done only with a reliable trusting partner. Our relocating company Hong Kong will guide you to your home safe and sound. Contact us and get free quotes! Soon, you will realize why we are recommended by so many satisfied clients.

Professional movers and experts in the moving process will evaluate the data that you submit on our website. They possess the knowledge to manage with your most valuable items.

We developed services that we are proud of such as:

  • packing and unpacking
  • assembling your furniture
  • storage you moving boxes and furniture in a safe and clean unit
Moving will be easy with us

Label the moving boxes yourself

Labeling the moving boxes will simplify your moving process because when you label them yourself, it won’t be hard for the movers to place them in the adequate room and unpack your moving boxes with easiness.

Check new country’s regulations

Regulations differ from one country to another. While moving to the destination that you choose, this step has to be one of the important ones one of your cross-country moving checklist.

Make a plan where to place your items when you finish the move

By making a plan in front, of placing your items in the right spot in your new home,  will save you time and energy later. The movers will know exactly where in what room of your new home pieces of furniture belong. So you don’t have trouble.

Place your items in the right spot easy

Get insurance for your moving

During the process of moving certain inconvenience can happen. Your furniture can be damaged in transport, some of the items may brake, etc. We advise you to not let that happen or if it happens to cover your moving with insurance policy.

Try to maintain calmness

You have to be prepared for this venture. So take our advise and do the cross-country moving checklist. Arm yourself with calmness and relaxation. Contact us and give us your trust and we won’t let you down.

Cross-country moving with us will be indeed ‘smart moving’. You can see why cross-country moving checklist is valuable to do.




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