Understanding moving company liability

There are some things you will need to know when it comes to understanding moving company liability. For starters, your moving company is legally required to compensate for any mistakes they might make while working on your move. So, you will have a certain type of guarantee that you will get compensated for potential mistakes. However, there are several types of compensation you can agree upon with a moving company. In other words, our team of experts is here to better explain each and every one of them to you so that you do not end up making a mistake when you hire some movers. Please keep in mind that if you end up hiring fraudulent movers then anything you sign with them may not be valid. So, make sure to hire a good moving company. In any case, make sure to read our guide until the end!

Moving company liability you need to know about – what is it in the first place?

In the first place, you will need to know what a moving company liability is. In short, it is something that will guarantee you that a moving company will compensate you for every mistake they make. So, for example, if your moving company breaks some of your items, they are required by law to make it up to you. There are several types of liabilities you can claim if something goes wrong, but more about this a bit later. So, here is what you can expect:

  • Compensation for your items. Usually, your moving company needs to cover everything your insurance does not cover if they make a big mistake. However, on some occasions, your items might be worth much more than what you will get in return. So, make sure to mentally prepare for your move before you hire irresponsible movers. Or, simply find some of the best movers around and do not worry about anything.
  • Loss and damage claims. You do not have to lose every single item you have for your movers to compensate you. No, if they damage something, they need to pay for it. However, the amount of money they need to pay will vary from one moving company to the other and the type of contract you have with them. So, make sure that you know what you are signing up for. Relocating to Hong Kong from US might be easy, but it also might be a nightmare if you have a bad moving company. Thus, find good movers!
Two men making a deal
Make sure to reach an agreement with your moving company about everything

Types of liabilities

There are several types of liabilities you can claim if something goes wrong with your move. For example, you can claim:

  • Full Value Protection. This is one of the best options you can have if you are hiring a professional moving company. Your moving company will either have to repair your damaged or broken items to the same level of quality they were when they took them to relocate them, or they will have to get you exactly the same items they broke or damaged or to pay you in full for them. This is one of the best deals you can make, but it will make your move slightly more expensive. So, make sure to find some of the best relocation services Hong Kong offers in order to avoid this from happening.
  • Released Value Protection. This option will earn you 60 cents per every pound of the article your moving company breaks. So, if your item weighs 1000 pounds as a piano would, your moving company will have to pay you $600 after the move is done. This means that you will get more money for heavier items. However, if a light item costs around $1000 and your movers break it, they will have to pay you several dollars for it. So, if you are going for this option, make sure that you are not relocating small and expensive items.
A jar full with coins
You will get 60 cents per pound of item your moving company breaks

Why is moving company liability actually important?

Moving company liability actually shows that a moving company cares about its clients. Moreover, it also shows that a moving company is prepared to compensate for the mistakes they make. However, make sure that you do not break anything on your own. Then, a moving company will not be legally required to compensate you for your items. So, keep this in mind. However, here is why this is important in the first place:

  • Every good moving company will take that “risk”. Usually, moving companies consist of professionals and experts in the field of moving. Moreover, your moving company will know the responsibilities they have as a moving company. So, they will take the risk because they are certain that they will do a good job. Then it would be a win-win for both sides.
  • You will get a form of protection as a client. When you hire a moving company you are their client and the moving company works for you. Since moving and relocation are not easy at all, you will get a form of protection because you are a client. After all, you signed for a good relocation – you did not sign to lose all your items. This is why moving company liability is actually really important.

Your moving company should not compensate you for something you did

If you do anything to your items either by accident or on purpose, your moving company is not required to compensate for the damage. So, if you happen to make an honest mistake, that is okay – we are all human. The only thing you can do is focus on the future and try to avoid such mistakes again.

A man signing a contract
Make sure to read a contract completely before you sign it

Final thoughts about moving company liability

When it comes to moving company liability, you should know that all good moving companies will be ready to take the “risk” of moving your items. After all, this is what they do and this is what they are good at. If any mistakes happen, all good moving companies will offer a compensation, so you should not worry about it at all. Good luck with your move and have fun!

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