Unpacking mistakes to avoid

Moving is a long and exhausting process. Usually, you need to start your moving preparations at least two months in advance. These include finding a moving company HK, gathering all the packing supplies, packing your entire household, and so on. Once you finally load the moving truck, you might think everything is over. However, it is not. You still need to unpack all the boxes. In order to finish your relocation well, here are all the unpacking mistakes to avoid. Just like you need to be careful when packing, there are certain rules to follow when unpacking as well.  

Unpacking mistakes to avoid – forgetting to inspect the boxes 

It is extremely important to inspect your boxes when they arrive. The reason is simple. If your boxes come damaged, you need to see if your items sustain some as well. If yes, then, you need to file for an insurance claim. This is also important when you are shipping furniture to Hong Kong. Since furniture pieces are more expensive than smaller items, you need to make sure they reach the destination in good condition. If you fail to inspect your boxes and spot damage on time, you will not be able to claim insurance. In addition to this, count your boxes to see if all of them arrived. Again, if you notice a box missing, make sure to notify your movers. Movers can make mistakes as well. So, stay calm and inform your moving company about your situation. You can try to find a solution together.

woman carrying boxes
Make sure to inspect the boxes as they arrive

 Do not procrastinate 

As you can see, you should not procrastinate if you want to claim moving insurance. Additionally, procrastination is also one of the major unpacking mistakes. It is understandable to avoid doing hard tasks after moving. After all, you need to regain strength after organizing the entire move. Even though you should give yourself some time to relax, do not turn these couple of hours into months. Here is why. 

  • Your house is not functional – you cannot live comfortably if all of your personal items are still inside the boxes. It is difficult to live with only basic necessities. Sometimes, you can want to have a nice dinner on your ceramic plates instead of plastic ones.  
  • Injuries – you can easily injure yourself if you end up tripping over some boxes. Your kids can be in danger too.  
  • Mess – moving boxes will make a mess in your house. 

Unpacking mistakes to avoid – starting right away 

The opposite mistake from the previous one, you should not start and finish unpacking on the same day. Give yourself some time to relax and regain energy and strength you lost preparing the move. In addition to this, if you are moving with kids, then you should spend more time with them. Walk around the city. Get to know your new neighborhood. If you are moving with pets as well, they will need your attention. Pets do not like to change their surroundings, especially cats as they are territorial animals. For this reason, start unpacking boxes in the essential rooms first. These include the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Then, you can dedicate your time to the other rooms. Furthermore, try to unpack one room per day. You will still finish the unpacking process pretty quickly while keeping your energy in check.  

people looking at the album
Enjoy your unpacking process by looking at your memories in the photo book

Separate your boxes first 

It is extremely important to label your boxes. This way, your movers will know where to put certain boxes. For example, if you have ten boxes meant for your bedroom, write MASTER BEDROOM on them. Your movers will read the label, ask you where the master bedroom is, and then, put the boxes there. If you fail to label your boxes, movers will just place the boxes where they can find the free space or per your instructions. Even you cannot know the contents of the boxes without the labels. Now imagine this scenario. All the boxes are in your living room. You need to open each box to see what is inside. Then, you need to carry that box to its designate room. This would be a waste of your time and energy. For this reason, make sure to label and separate boxes before you start unpacking them.  

Unpacking mistakes to avoid – stressing too much 

Even though most people do not like to unpack as it is a long and tiring process, you still need to do it. However, you should try not to stress too much about it. The reason is simple. There are many negative effects of stress on the human body. Many serious illnesses are connected to stress. For this reason, take it easy. Start slowly unpacking your boxes. In the meantime, you can also do some things that you find relaxing. For example, some people enjoy walking and breathing fresh air in order to relax. Some enjoy taking long baths. Others prefer reading a book or watching their favorite show. Find something that you like. Divide your time between packing and relaxing. This way, you will greatly reduce the level of stress. In addition to this, do not get angry or overly frustrated if you make a mistake. You can fix it.  

people unpacking books
Labeling your boxes is a good way to avoid unpacking mistakes

Forgetting about the essential box 

Lastly, forgetting about the essential box is only one of the unpacking mistakes to avoid. You need to make an essential box. This box should include items you find important, such as medicine, a change of clothes, toiletries, some blankets, and so on. However, some people tend to misplace this box so they cannot find it later. This means buying all the stuff you packed in this box. As you can see, this would be a waste of time and money of going to the market and replacing everything. Since now you know all the most common unpacking mistakes, make sure to prepare well. Organize your unpacking process properly 

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