Ways to arrange furniture in your home

Have you just recently purchased a home? For newbie homeowners, having to arrange furniture can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are some principles that can make this process much easier for you. You don’t have to hire a home designer to have a sleek-looking living room. Instead, you should invest that money in hiring furniture movers Hong Kong to avoid any accidents with your pieces during the move. If you follow our advice, the outcome will truly surprise you.

A rustic style living room
You can arrange furniture by yourself just as well as a professional.

How to arrange furniture

No matter the size of your home, having the right pieces and the right furniture arrangement will make your home much more enjoyable. However, you should definitely pay attention to the size of your furniture. It needs to be the right size for the space you are working with. Make sure that there’s variety in the shapes—if you’ve got straight-lined seating, for example, you should consider a round coffee table. Traffic flow has to exist in every room, so it’s better to choose fewer but good quality pieces.  If you have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, you need to downsize your belongings before even thinking about how to arrange furniture. In each room, you should have a focal point so it is easier to arrange the rest and decorate.

Choosing a focal point

Sometimes these focal points appear naturally in the room. For example, a prominent window or a built-in fireplace mantel. Other times, you have to choose a piece of furniture or artwork to act as a focal point. A focal point for the living room is usually a big coffee table. If possible, try to reuse and refurbish the pieces that you already have. Don’t buy anything that isn’t necessary. If you are having trouble with some bulky furniture, consider shipping furniture to Hong Kong instead of buying new. Your wallet will thank you.

A gallery-wall
A focal point can also be a gallery wall.

Creating conversation areas

Arrange your furniture in a way that people can comfortably interact with each other in the space without having to shout across the room. Always position the sofas and chairs to face each other. It doesn’t necessarily have to be straight on, but close. If your place is smaller, read this article about organizing a smaller apartment. And if your rooms are too large, you should incorporate several conversation areas.

What not to do

  • Never group all the large or small pieces in one area or to one side of the room
  • Don’t push furniture against the walls
  • Never use rugs that are too small ( the front legs of large pieces need to sit on the rug)
  • Do not block the light

Many people in the Eastern world like to use Feng Shui to arrange furniture. If you would like to incorporate more harmony and balance into your home, you should definitely follow the Feng Shui rules. Whichever method you choose, some principles should stay the same if you want your home to feel more arranged. We suggest using an online floor planner at first or old-fashioned graph paper to sketch out your desired floor plan. We hope that in the end, things will fit just the way you want.

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