Ways to burglar-proof your Hong Kong home

One of the important aspects of enjoying your home is to be safe. Because there is nothing as important as the safety of your family members and belongings, as well. However, top home security systems aren’t the only option to achieve that goal. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to burglar-proof your Hong Kong home. Even if you have a low budget for residential protection, don’t overlook the important steps of home-securing. In this article, we’ve gathered the best tips on how to secure your home without breaking the bank.

Ways to burglar-proof your Hong Kong home

Keep your valuable belongings out of sight

One of the cheapest ways to protect your home is not to flash with your expensive items. You might even consider using the services of Kwun Tong storage to put away this type of item. Also, it would be wise to keep your tools and bikes in the garage when you’re not using them. As for the inside items, use window treatments like curtains or blinds to stop the looks or entrance of intruders. Also, put away high-value items when you’re not using them. Finally, don’t leave electronics, jewelry, cash, or important personal documents in plain sight.

Keep your doors and windows locked to burglar-proof your Hong Kong home

Due to statistics on home break-ins, burglars are looking for easy targets. Also, most burglaries happen during daylight hours, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and they are handled within 8-10 minutes. Statistics also show that 34 percent of burglars enter the front door and another 23 % through a first-floor window. So, the conclusion is simple. Burglars are always looking for easy-access property in houses that are probably empty. Therefore, to successfully burglar-proof your home, lock the doors and windows whenever they’re not in use. Also, if you plan on moving any time soon, consider hiring international moving company Hong Kong. They will handle your items with care and give you advice on how to protect your Hong Kong home.

A door lock that burglar-proofs a home
One of the most important tasks to successfully burglar-proof your Hong Kong home is to pay attention to the doors and locks.

Make sure to update your locks

If you’ve installed your locks a while ago, maybe you should consider conducting an inventory. So, check if the locks are damaged or if there are extra keys that could end up with strangers. If this is the case, you should consider to re-key your locks or replace them with more tamper-proof versions.

More tips to thief-proof your Hong Kong home

  • Reinforce windows, doors, and hardware. After you update your locks, you should consider checking your doors, windows, or hardware. If they are weak and flimsy, there is a chance someone could kick or slam the door and come inside. Therefore, inspect all entry points, especially those on the first floor. Then, replace, repair, and reinforce them as needed.
  • Replace exterior doors if they are thin, broken, or hollow-core. Also, consider adding additional support with a security bar or a door barricade.
  • When it comes to door hardware, ensure that the strike plate is properly installed with screws. The screws have to be at least 3/4 inches long. That way, the bolt can’t easily be forced out of the door jamb.
  • As for the sliding doors, add an auxiliary foot lock or place a dowel in the tracks. That way, you’ll physically stop the door from forcibly sliding open, eventually burglar-proofing your home.
  • Also, add window locks or bars to make sure the thieves don’t come in through an unprotected window.
  • Choose one of the best neighborhoods in Hong Kong where you and your kids will feel safe.

Work on your door security to prevent burglars from coming into your Hong Kong home

The doors are one of the most important aspects of a safe home. That’s why you should pay special attention and know the basics. A place where the deadbolt lock inserts into the doorjamb is a door’s weak and vulnerable area. Just one well-placed kick can break the strike plate, door frame, or both. Also, as some strike plates have screws only an inch long, it’s easier for a burglar to kick the door. Therefore, start by removing one of your screws to check the length. If they are shorter than 3-in, replace them, as the longer screws offer more resistance. Another way to make your lock more secure is by reinforcing the strike plate and door frame with hardware. Strike plate and doorjamb reinforcement kits are available for about $60. That’s not a big price for feeling safe at your home.

A door lock
Securing your doors won’t cost a lot, but it will bring you peace of mind.

Consider smart locks

Smart locks allow you to open the door using a keypad or finger scan. That way, you no longer need a key that can get lost. Or hidden under the doormat where a burglar will surely look. It only takes a few minutes to replace your current locks with smart locks. There’s no need for any hardwiring or drilling a larger hole. However, installing a smart lock can cost a lot. For instance, basic models with an electronic keypad cost about $50, while smartphone-controlled ones cost more than $100.

Install loud alarms

If you have the opportunity, consider getting surveillance systems. Surveillance systems provide protection and peace of mind. However, they are quite expensive and some even require monthly fees. On the other hand, an affordable alternative is to make a door alarm or an alarm for a window. Depending on the model, it reacts when the door or window opens or by vibrations if the glass breaks. Starting at about $7 per alarm, they are quite affordable and stick in place with self-adhesive. Even though they are small, the alarms have a piercing siren, with some at 110 decibels.

An alarm device attached to a wooden wall
Even though the alarm system can be expensive, it is worth it.

After you burglar-proof your Hong Kong home, you will be able to feel at home in your new apartment.

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