Ways to handle a small move in Hong Kong

Handling large loads is many movers’ specialty. That includes loads that are usually 2000 lbs. and above. Those kinds of relocations are considered as big moves. But, not every move is a big move. For instance, moving just down the street in Hong Kong may not need the help of full-service movers. You will be able to get through with using your car to transport your items. Also, this kind of arrangement allows you to pick only some of the services, for example, storage in Hong Kong. Anyway, for expert advice on how to handle a small move in Hong Kong, check out our tips and suggestions.

What does a small move in Hong Kong mean?

We would like to begin this story by giving you a few examples of a small move. Even in case you have to get moving to Australia from Hong Kong, it can be treated as such.

One-bedroom apartment or studio relocation

If you’re planning to move to these kinds of apartments, then your move will probably be considered a small one. Consequently, moving to a small apartment means having to move a small truck full of boxes and furniture. This situation can easily be solved by renting a truck or a cargo van.

College dorm room relocation is a typical small move in Hong Kong

A college dorm room move is the perfect example of a typical small move. As most college dorm rooms are furnished with a bed, desk and basic kitchen appliances, you won’t have to worry. You won’t have to think about packing and shipping large furniture items. Instead, a small move will allow you to bring only smaller items, such as bedding and toiletries.

a dorm room
Use all the advantages of a small move in Hong Kong if you’re moving into a dorm room.

Moving to a new neighborhood nearby

If you are moving down the street, this kind of move is surely a small one. That is because of the ease and convenience of moving nearby. But we have a word of advice. These small moves can often last longer. The reason is simple- homeowners tend to move belongings in separate stages over a longer period. That’s why the most efficient way to accomplish a small move is to organize and handle it all at once.

Here are our suggestions on how to handle a small move in Hong Kong

  • Hire a moving company that specializes in small relocations

Hiring professionals to conduct a small move is the easiest way to handle the move. The whole process will be more efficient if moving professionals are involved. They know how to handle local moves, studios, and small apartment moves. Also, if you need assistance for moving only one or two large items, consider finding a specialty moving company.

  • Consider renting a moving container

Another smart way to handle a small move in Hong Kong is to rent a small moving container. If you’re moving to a smaller apartment, a typical size moving container will be large enough for all your items. Not to mention that they can be especially helpful if you’re moving to an urban environment such as Hong Kong. You have to count on the tight space and lack of storage. Also, you can use moving containers to store your belongings in case you are downsizing to a smaller home.

  •  Moving on your own with a small rental truck, cargo van or trailer

In case you need to handle a one to two-bedroom moves, small truck rentals are a good choice. On the other hand, trailer rentals and cargo vans are great for studio and college dorm room moves. Also, when you rent a truck, van or trailer, it’s possible to rent moving equipment. For example, a dolly or moving straps.  You will surely find these kinds of gadgets helpful, even if you don’t have too many items to unload.

a trailer
One of the best options for your small move in Hong Kong is renting a moving trailer.

What to take into consideration when handling a small move?

Before you choose the most suitable method for moving your items, consider these things.

Your moving timeline

If you have enough time, then using your car or a rental van makes perfect sense. However, if you’re in a hurry, it will be smarter to hire professionals to do it in no time.

The distance of your small relocation

If you are moving long-distance, it will be better to ship items to your new home. Also, it is a smart choice to hire moving companies to transport your belongings to a desirable destination. But, if moving close by, you may be able to move on your own using a car or a truck.

Your time and energy

Before you make a final decision, do the math. Do you have enough time and energy to handle a small move without help? Are you capable of handling everything by yourself? If that’s not the case, you probably need help from professional moving companies.

The condition of your belongings

If you plan to move fragile items, then transporting them in your car won’t cut it. Instead of throwing your items in the back of your car, you should hire professional staff. They will help you with the packing and loading process. But if you decide to move by yourself, consider renting a truck with proper tie-downs. That will prevent the items from shifting during transit.

sign fragile on the wooden box
Pay attention if you are moving fragile items. Maybe doing it yourself isn’t the best way.

Finally, consider your budget

Ultimately, you will organize your small move according to your budget. That means that those on a tight budget should consider using their car. Or they can rent a moving truck for a day. On the other hand, those with a flexible budget will be able to afford to hire professional movers for the job.

To sum up

After we explained the ways to handle a small move in Hong Kong, it’s all up to you. Bear all these facts in mind and we are sure you’ll make the right decision. We wish you good luck and a successful small relocation.

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