What are the traits of good international movers?

A moving to-do list can be as long as your arm. With so many things to consider, it can be easy to lose count. The list grows even longer if you are moving internationally. Keeping organized is a serious task when you are moving to a whole new country. When you are hiring a professional moving company, you need to know that you can relax and let them take care of things. That’s why it is so important that you find a reliable and reputable moving company, with people who know the business. It’s not a hard a task as it seems, as long as you know what to look for. Here is our list of traits of good international movers and how to recognize them.

Traits of good international movers – recommendations

The biggest indicators of a successful international moving company are reviews from satisfied customers. A reputable company will be able, and willing, to give you a list of referrals. Make sure to ask for phone numbers so you can verify the references yourself. Moreover, you can visit the company’s website and look for additional comments about their services. Finally, check out the website of the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the company is indeed a reliable one.

A 5 star customer service is one of the top traits of good international movers.
A satisfied customer is the best guarantee that a company is reliable.

If your relocation is taking you to Asia, make sure to find a reliable moving company there. You should find a local moving company to help you deal with your international move.

The company is affordable

An international move can be a lot more expensive than a local or a cross-country one. There are many more factors that go into your final bill. Moreover, you personally have to spend money to get you and your family to the new country. However, you shouldn’t be forced to spend more money than you absolutely have to. One of the traits of good international movers is that they are transparent about their bills and will not overcharge you. Some scam and fraudulent companies will charge you for services that you didn’t actually use. That is why it is so important to find a reliable company. Furthermore, some reputable moving companies will offer you added services for no extra costs. It is a great way to save money for your new home.

Coins around a piggy bank.
A reliable moving company will never scam you into spending more money.

If you want to know how much your move is going to cost, you can find a quote calculator online. This will give you a good ballpark picture of how much money you are going to spend.

They are a member of FIDI

FIDI is the International Federation of International Movers, an organization whose members are reliable and reputable international moving companies. If a company is a member here, they are certified and deserve your business. Their members are inspected regularly and pass the highest standards for moving companies. These companies protect their customers and their items and have thus earned their right to be members of FIDI.

A trait of good international movers – they offer quality services

In order to be a member of FIDI, a company has to have high standards for all parts of the move. There are certain requirements they have to fulfill:

  • Pre-move survey
  • A reliable quote
  • Shipping/transportation
  • Customs guidance
  • Storage
  • Delivery
  • Insurance
  • Quality procedure documentation and communication

They have experienced and professional staff

When you are thinking of hiring an international moving company, you should check how long they have been in business. Try not to opt out for any company that hasn’t been around for at least 10 years. That way, you ensure that they have had enough experience with this type or relocation. Furthermore, make sure that their workers have experience as well. If you are in a crisis, you don’t want to have to deal with a person whose first day it is.

Another one of the biggest traits of good international movers is that they are experienced and know what is waiting for you on the other side. All FIDI members are audited each year to make sure their business is up to their standards. The auditor examines the staff to verify that they have enough training and skills to be on the job. So, if you hire a moving company that is a member of FIDI, you can be sure that their staff is highly trained and ready.

Traits of good international movers – they offer storage

Any time you are moving, you are sure to have some items which you don’t want to dispose of but don’t have enough room to keep them. This is especially a problem if you are moving overseas. However, a good international moving company will offer storage services. They are likely to have warehouses in multiple locations. Reliable companies have top security in these facilities, to ensure that your valuables are stored safely and securely. You should make sure that the company has storage near your new home so that you can always access it in case you need to.

A storage unit.
You want a safe storage facility when you are moving internationally.

They offer all the resources you need

Buying moving boxes and bubble wrap last minute can be very stressful. Especially with everything else you need to think about for your international move. A quality international moving company will have all the resources and equipment you need to have a smooth transition. For example, you won’t have to think about renting a truck by yourself or moving all the boxes to your new home. The company will deliver your items to your doorstep, and might even offer unpacking services. This gives you more time and money to spend on the things you enjoy, such as exploring your new home country.

You are in good hands

Hiring a moving company for an international move can seem overwhelming. With so many factors to consider and things that can go wrong, you can feel lost. However, once you find them, you will know that you are in good hands. If the company you find has all these traits of good international movers, you can let go of the stress and start to enjoy your new home and new life. However, also do your own research to make sure you are making the right decision.

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