What can you do to help your Hong Kong movers

Moving is not a one-man’s job. It’s even too hard to do it with help from your friends and family. For this reason, you should hire the best moving company Hong Kong if you want a relatively easy and certainly safer relocation. However, you might be wondering what your role is going to be in your move if you hire movers. The reason why you hire movers in the first place is not to do endless packing and heavy lifting. However, moving doesn’t only consist of these two parts. There are also other things you can do to help your Hong Kong movers during relocation. These are usually small and easy things to do that are usually overlooked but can make a huge difference. For this reason, here are a few things you can do to help your movers.  

What should you do to help your Hong Kong movers?  

Relocating to Hong Kong from US is a very big move to make and almost impossible without professional movers. Your moving company probably doesn’t need your help during relocation. However, you can always ask them beforehand if there is something you should do to help out. It’s better to always ask than to do worry if you should or should not do something. Additionally, you can also ask movers when they arrive at your home if you can do something to help. If nothing, you can just make them coffee or offer some refreshment.  

There are items that movers will not move because of the moving company rules. For this reason, you can put away these items and keep them in storage Hong Kong during relocation. This way, these items won’t disturb movers during work.  

help your Hong Kong movers by giving them lemonade
You can help your movers by offering refreshments

Don’t forget to measure your home  

One of the tasks you can do before your movers arrive that will actually help them is to measure your home. This is an important step in relocation but is often overlooked. If you are going to move big furniture, you will have to do some measuring beforehand. The most common things people forget to measure before moving house are:

  • Furniture  
  • Door frames  
  • Stairways  
  • Windows  
  • New home  

By measuring your door frames and furniture, you can see which way movers can carry the furniture to the moving truck. This way, you will help your movers by finding a good exit pathway. You can also clear the exit pathway from any items that movers can trip or hit on. Additionally, you should also unplug all cables and cords and put them somewhere safe.  

yellow and gray measuring tape
Make sure to measure everything

You can also pack some items yourself  

The biggest reason why you hire movers is to avoid packing at all. However, there are some items that you can and should pack yourself. Valuable items like jewelry, family heirloom, or important documents are items that you should pack yourself. Additionally, you will help your Hong Kong movers this way. You can also take everything off the walls, clear and defrost your fridge, fold your beddings, disassemble furniture and shelves, etc. 

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