What HK expats love about Canada

It’s no secret that a good chunk of immigrants in Canada are Hong Kong expats. ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong have seen and completed many of these international moves to Canada! We’re a reputable relocation company in Hong Kong, specializing in moves both big and small. We’ll tell you what HK expats love about Canada, and why you could like these things as well.

Hong Kong and Canada have had a good relationship for the longest time

For the longest time, Canada and HK have been on good terms. This resulted in HK expats getting a Canadian visa easier than in the UK or EU, for example. People have had many reasons for moving to Canada from Hong Kong, such as work or education. These are difficult times we live in, but even now, HK expats enjoy certain privileges in Canada.

aerial view of Canada, one of the things HK expats love about Canada
HK expats have some benefits in Canada.
  • In February of 2021, an open work permit pathway was launched in Canada, allowing fresh graduates to apply a job.
  • From June 1, 2021 up until August 31, 2026, there is an ongoing immigration program. This enables HK expats with certain Canadian work experience to apply for permanent Canadian resident status.
  • This also applies to Hong Kong expats with Canadian education, after they get educational credential assessment. 

Are you a Hong Kong resident looking to move to Canada? Take this Canada immigration quiz to find out which immigration option suits you best!

The thing some HK expats love about Canada is how different yet familiar it is

Some HK expats experience culture shock when they move to Canada, but others love it! Moving out of Hong Kong is, for sure, a huge change, but Canada is relatively welcoming.

Hong Kong is, needless to say, quite the crowded place, while expats in Canada get to enjoy a more planned country. It’s also unnecessary to say that HK expats have to adapt to the colder, less humid climate of Canada. Another thing loved by many Hong Kong expats is that there are still options for Asian/Chinese food! Hong Kong, according to some, is more vibrant and active, while Canada is more peaceful. A thing you might end up missing though is the public transport in Hong Kong, as it is considered one of the best. 

neon lights in Hong Kong
HK expats love many things about Canada.

Depending on who you ask, spending in Canada might be a little cheaper than Hong Kong. Hong Kong expats can feel the difference: rent in Hong Kong can go anywhere beyond CAD $1,000 for a decent apartment that you might have to share with someone. However, one last thing HK expats definitely enjoy is the fact that you won’t be alone: over 7 million Canadians are of Asian descent. HK expats surely won’t feel alone, as they’re more than likely to run into each other. If you plan on moving to Canada, hire ReloSmart Movers, an international moving company Hong Kong trusts, to take care of your move!

Don’t worry about your move: everything will be fine!

If you were wondering what HK expats love about Canada so much, now you know! Are you going to become a HK expat yourself? If you are, let ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong help you move to Canada!

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