What is a One-Way Move And How To Organize It?

When planning and organizing your move, your thoughts are focused on one thing. Getting your stuff packed as efficiently as possible and arriving at your new home. You are right! It is a correct way of thinking. However, if you are asked if the move will be one way, you may not fully understand what is being asked. Moving Company HK will help you find the answer to the question, “What is a one-way move.” You will also find tips on how to organize such a move.

What is a one-way move, and how is it different from an in-town move?

To explain the main difference between these two moves, we will mainly deal with the location of the moving equipment. Equipment includes transport vans, dollies, shipping containers, furniture pads, and other equipment needed to safely transport your belongings.

  • One-way moving
    The necessary equipment is delivered or picked up near your old home. When you move to a new address, the equipment is returned to a location near your new home. Note that this applies to long-distance moves.
  • In-town move
    The pickup and return of the equipment are at the same place. If you have used the services of professional movers, they will transport your belongings across town.

If you are moving to Hong Kong, you will choose a one-way move, which is more convenient. There are several options for such a move, depending on your needs and requirements.

loading a moving truck
The answer to the question “What is a one-way move?” is that it involves loading all of your belongings into a one-way moving truck, and it is for long-distance moves.

Differences in the calculation rate

Now that we have clarified what is a one-way move, we will also explain the differences in the calculation rate. In-town moves are calculated in miles from the point of origin to the rental location. The preferred rate varies depending on the size of the truck or van. Are you moving off-season or in-season? Rates also vary depending on the state, city, and day of the week you choose to move. All of these factors will affect the estimated price of your relocation.
However, for a one-way move, the practice is to receive a flat rate estimate. The flat rate calculates the distance in miles you will be moving, the size of the truck, and the amount of time you will have a truck at your disposal. The flat rate also depends on the season you are moving. Any overrun will be charged extra.

How to organize a one-way move, and what are the alternatives?

When relocating to Hong Kong from US, the best option is always to hire a professional moving company. By using their services, you won’t have to worry about packing and security during transportation. Your only concern will be getting your belongings into your new home.
If you decide to move on your own, you will have to make sure you return the rented equipment yourself. If your move is overseas, you will need to rent a truck or portable container one way, according to your moving needs. It means that you will not be able to leave the equipment you rented at the same place where you rented it. You need to find a company with offices at both the original location and your new location. Research all the necessary information regarding their legitimacy. Check recommendations from several sources regarding their services, or compare offers from several companies. Then select the one that suits and meets your moving requirements and book it on time.

Pack yourself and leave the transport to professionals

Moving abroad also means planning your budget, which will not be small. One way to save some money is to pack things yourself. The advantage is that you won’t have to worry about shipping services, and stuff travels fairly quickly with the company. You can add some packing or storage services along the way, depending on the circumstances of the move. On the other hand, packing all your stuff can be time-consuming, and loading items into a moving truck or container requires some technique and attention.

packaging of ceramics in wrapping paper
To save money when moving one way, consider packing your belongings and preparing them for transport.

Hiring full-service moving companies

When all the circumstances of a one-way move are considered, a full-service move is the safest and smoothest option. Belongings will be packed by packers and loaded into the truck. Also, shipping will be provided by the moving company, and your belongings can be unpacked and waiting for you at your new address. It is a sequence of events that one can only wish for. Also, shipping furniture to Hong Kong is not difficult with professional assistance.
It is the most expensive option, but your move will be in the hands of professionals from start to finish. Safety and efficiency will be their responsibility, and your belongings will be insured during transportation.

A man taping a box
Using storage will help you choose the best packing ways

Tips for reducing one-way moving costs

For one-way moves, you will receive a flat rate quote based on your move date, the distance and weight of your items to be moved, and the size of the truck or shipping container. To reduce costs, you can take some of the following steps:

  • Declutter your belongings before packing. It will make your package lighter for transport.
  • Choose a moving vehicle that will fit all your stuff. Moving long distances requires good judgment, as you won’t be making multiple trips to move items.
  • Find the transportation that fits your moving budget. Get a quote from several reliable transportation companies and ask for a discount. Opt for the services and prices that fit your budget and needs.
  • Move during the off-season. The moving season is at its peak during the summer, so schedule a moving day between October and April. Also, choose a weekday to move, as moving services are less expensive.
  • Plan and book your move in advance. The earlier you book the moving day, the better the deal and the more choices of moving vans or trucks you will have.
  • Do not exceed the flat rate limits, as you will be charged for extra mileage or any additional hours.

We’ve answered the question, “What is a one-way move?” and now we hope you are on the right track and putting it into action.

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