What is the most popular time to move in Hong Kong and why?

Hong Kong is a great place to start the next chapter of your life. It’s a vibrant city, teeming with beautiful culture and constant innovations. There are many reasons why Hong Kong is a very popular place to live in. Being in the center of where it all happens is rewarding by itself, but it’s also a great choice for enrolling in a university or pursuing a business carrier. If you’re set to explore this great city, you should consider the season you’re planning your move for. Hiring a removal company Hong Kong will make the process easy for you, but if you’re doing it on your things can get messy. That’s why it’s important to have a plan. For instance, springtime is a popular time to move in Hong Kong, and here’s why.

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Hong Kong is a popular destination for many aspiring young people.

Why is spring a popular time to move in Hong Kong?

Hong has a subtropical humid climate. What this means is that it gets warm and dry winters and hot and humid summers. It’s possible to arrange a move during any season in Hong Kong and nothing stops if it fits best into your schedule. However, considering that most people don’t move very often, they usually take a careful approach. If you can, that’s what you should do. It’s easy to forget something and it’s always best to plan no matter what you’re doing.

The weather being cold or hot won’t be a problem for you when moving. Summers can get very hot in Hong Kong but most people will be able to take it. However, humid summers with a lot of rain can ruin your moving day. That’s why springtime is probably the most popular time to move in Hong Kong because nothing gets wet and everything is much easier. Even though winters are generally warm, springtime temperatures are much more enjoyable. If you can, schedule your move for springtime. In case you are moving out of Hong Kong, the same applies.

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Spring is a popular time to move in Hong Kong.

How to choose a reliable company for your relocation to Hong Kong?

Despite you being armed with knowledge, maybe your schedule forces you into moving during summer. If that’s the case, don’t worry, because all you need is a little help. Consider hiring a moving company so they can deal with all the logistics instead. As mentioned before, humid summers and frequent rain can be hard on you on a moving day. It’s very unpleasant if all of your stuff gets wet and potentially damaged.

You should discuss this scenario with professional movers and see if they can come up with some solutions. A reliable company will be able to answer any challenges, and that’s why it’s best to hire local movers. They will know good places to park their truck and ways to transport the boxes without getting wet. Some companies offer other services that can help you when moving. if you don’t want most of your stuff transported on a rainy day, you might consider using short-term storage units. However, it’s best if the company you hired can come up with innovative solutions and help you with your move without any change of plans.

How to pack against weather conditions?

If you moved before, you might be familiar with packing and issues when it’s not done right. First of all, you should pack all or most of your items in carton boxes. They are specialized moving boxes, but they can have other uses once you finished moving. It’s convenient to have a box for storing old items that can easily be carried away or ready for storing somewhere else. Besides carton boxes, you will need paper and duct tape. There are many guides on how to properly pack your boxes when moving so we will only cover a few things.


Make sure you categorize the boxes so it’s easy to unpack after. It can come in handy using labels and maybe even sub-labels when needed. Professional movers will appreciate room labels on your boxes so nothing gets mixed up. If you are moving without professional help, labels will still help you reduce stress when unpacking. It can seem absurd because you are familiar with all your things, but you will be surprised how easy it is to forget where you put something.

Don’t leave air inside

Next, make sure everything is packed tightly. There must be no air left in the boxes once you pack your things inside. It’s very important to make the boxes consistent with their shape so nothing can move inside. When everything is fixed tightly, it’s much easier to carry the boxes and place them on the ground without rolling over. This will also greatly reduce the risk of anything getting damaged in the process of moving.

Protecting from rain

Finally, roll a few layers of nylon around the boxes. This is specifically meant to help when moving in the rainy weather. You can skip this part in total if the weather is nice and shiny. However, if it has to happen on a rainy day, this will add some extra protection. Having multiple layers will ensure no drops of water get inside any of your boxes and everything remains safe.

Other challenges when moving in bad weather

Sometimes having professional movers transport your items doesn’t help with all your troubles. If you are unsure if it’s safe for you to drive on a moving day because of the bad weather, you can use the service of car shipping HK for your convenience. Nobody will hesitate to utilize this service when moving abroad, but you can utilize it even locally. However, when moving abroad and the weather is bad, this is invaluable. This way you can simply let professional movers deal with every part of your move. With the right equipment, no circumstances are too dire for a successful move. If you prefer moving by yourself without professional help, just make sure the weather suits you. If it’s warm and dry outside, moving can be a pleasant family adventure. And that is why spring is the most popular time to move in Hong Kong.

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