What to do if your best friend is moving from Hong Kong?

Life is unpredictable, and this is what makes it exciting and scary at the same time. So, here you are with your best friend, doing everything together and supporting each other in good and bad. And here comes the day when you hear the shocking news – your best friend is moving from Hong Kong. This can be a sad and painful experience for both of you. You’ll go through a plethora of emotions. You may be sad that you’ll be far from one another but happy for the opportunities your companion got. The best moving company Hong Kong has some hand-picked tips to help you deal with the situation in the best way possible. Let’s get to it.

friends in a room
Be a good listener and share your best friend’s emotions when they are moving from Hong Kong

How to make it easy when your best friend is moving from Hong Kong?

No matter the distance that your friend is moving away remember that this doesn’t mean it’s the end of your friendship. And no matter the reasons for the move, happy or sad, make sure you’re there for them, lend them an ear, and share their emotions. It’s good to be on the pragmatic side as well. Moving away is never easy, and there are many things to be taken care of. So, do your best and help your friend with the tasks related to their relocation. They are sure to appreciate and never forget this. You can help them with booking a reliable local moving company Hong Kong, and let them understand that you’re here to support them in this life-changing situation. Additionally, here are some practical tips to show your selfless support when your best friend is moving from Hong Kong:

  • Help them with packing
  • Assist them with storage solutions
  • Throw a farewell party and get them a nice gift
two friends talking about what to do if your best friend is moving from Hong Kong
Give your best friend the much-needed support, and besides throwing them a farewell party, help them with getting the tasks done on their moving checklist

Help your best friend with packing

In addition to spending lots of quality time together, help your companion to complete some of the many tasks on their moving checklist. You can let them know you’re available to assist them with anything they might need. And rest assured that the first thing they ask you will be related to sorting out belongings and packing. This is the most tedious part of the moving process. You can suggest to your friend to take professional packing services, as this will allow you both more free time to spend together. Relocating from Hong Kong will require your friend to thoughtfully organize the process and gather packing supplies, which will keep them busy for the most part. So, be smart, let pros take care of the packing, and enjoy the little time you have left together. 

A packed suitcase
Help your best friend with packing, and offer them to look after the items they can’t take

Offer your friend storage options

Often, when moving, people can’t take everything with them at once. It may happen that your friend needs to leave behind some of their possessions. You can offer them some space at your place to keep them. Or better yet, I suggest them you book a safe storage unit for the convenience of both of you. Since your best friend is moving from Hong Kong, reassure them that you’ll be checking up on their stored items every now and then. This will keep you connected regularly, even after they leave.

A farewell party is a must when your best friend is moving from Hong Kong

A farewell party is a great way to mark the end of a life chapter. It’s also a memorable event. You may also take your friend out to a place that you both fancy and consider this as your farewell party. After a while, when you reunite, you’ll be looking back and fondly remember it. Make your farewell speech special, and emphasize how much your friend means to you. This is an occasion to get your companion a meaningful farewell gift, too. Something sentimental and nice that doesn’t have to be expensive in any way. You know your best friend and their likes, so come up with something original for them to remember you by till you see each other again.

Finally, if your best friend is moving from Hong Kong, it doesn’t mean a forever goodbye. Remember this and cheer up. Follow our tips to create a nice experience for your best friend, and look forward to visiting them soon at their new place.

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