What to do with your furniture before relocating to Australia

Relocating from Hong Kong to Australia will cause anyone to daydream and become ecstatic. Moving to another country or continent can open doors for many life-changing opportunities – a new job, friends, partners, prospective, etc. Due to this pre-relocation euphoria, you might not pay attention to some not-so-obvious moving duties, one of them being your furniture. If you are moving, you will surely need to pack your belongings. But what should you do with your furniture before relocating to Australia? Worry not, cause movers HK are here to help you solve this dilemma!

What can you do with your furniture before relocating to Australia?

There are a few options for what you can do with your furniture. Firstly, you can move your belongings to Australia. This is especially recommended if you have valuable pieces or those of emotional value. However, since relocating your entire home to another continent can be messy and complicated, opt for this option only if you have extremely expensive belongings. You can reconsider not relocating your old couch, but that guitar you just bought for 500 $ should probably be relocated with your other valuables. When deciding whether something is expensive enough, you can use the internet:

  1. Look up the price of the furniture piece
  2. Compare the price in Hong Kong and Australia

If the price in Australia is much lower than in Hong Kong, you should leave it behind. However, if the prices are similar, consider the size of your furniture pieces. If they are larger, bulkier and harder to relocate, buying a new piece in Australia will lower your moving costs when moving to Australia from Hong Kong.

An electric guitar
It’s best to relocate valuable furniture pieces to your new home in Australia.

Selling your belongings

If you decided to leave behind your furniture, the next step is choosing the fate of your belongings. If your furniture is in good condition and with no signs of use, you can either sell it, gift it or donate it. Selling your furniture is a great way to make some money on the side and lower relocation services Hong Kong prices. You can put that money for unpredictable situations, or use it for buying new pieces once you relocate to Australia. Since Hong Kong does not have typical garage sales, you can list your furniture pieces online. The best sites for selling furniture include:

  1. AsiaXpat
  2. GoGreenShop
  4. 2nd Chance

The first three are online marketplaces where you can buy and sell almost anything. All you need to do is clean up your furniture, take pictures of the pieces you want to sell and post an ad describing its dimensions, material it’s made from, state, etc. The last shop is the best option for those who cannot wait for buyers to purchase the item. Instead, 2nd Chance buys second-hand furniture from potential sellers and resells them. All you need to do is contact them via email, and you can expect to make a good deal within a week.

Donating and gifting your belongings

If you have some possessions in semi-good condition, you can always donate them to charities. There are many charities and safe houses in need of furniture. Remar Hong Kong and Crossroads Foundation are the two most popular charities that accept second-hand furniture. All you need to do to donate your possessions before relocating to Australia is contact them and arrange a pickup date. If you are not in a position to donate or have very few pieces, gifting your furniture pieces is another option. That usually works for smaller appliances and decorations, but can also work for bulkier items such as sofas, coffee tables, etc. You can gift them to your friends, family or coworkers. Another option is contacting Green Dot Home, an organization that can donate or sell the items for you. If they happen to sell it, they will donate money to charitable organizations.

A donation sign- donate before relocating to Australia
You can sell or donate unwanted furniture before relocating to Australia.

Throwing the furniture away

If your furniture pieces are old, washed out and starting to fall apart, the best choice would be to throw them out. This step can also be your last resort if there are some unsold items you have. It’s much better to throw your items away than to pay the additional money when using relocation services. If you decide to throw it away, you can contact recycling organizations and get the list of items they can take. The most frequented collection spot and recycling organizations can be found within following locations:

  1. 7-ELEVEN – Shop No. 2, G/F, Lido Garden, Sham Tseng
  2. 7-ELEVEN – Shop 206, 2/F, Po Lam Shopping Centre, Po Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O
  3. 7-ELEVEN – Shop 1, G/F, Happy House, Nos. 43-49 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long7-ELEVEN – Shop 3, G/F, Kai Tin Shopping Centre, 50 Kai Tin Road, Lam Tin
  4. ABERDEEN CENTRE SHOPPING ARCADE Aberdeen Centre Shopping Arcade – Aberdeen Centre Shopping Arcade Phase II, 1-23 Nam Ning Street, Aberdeen
  5. Buildings Department General Enquiry and Receipt Counter – G/F, Buildings Department Headquarters, North Tower, West Kowloon Government Offices,11 Hoi Ting Road, Yau Ma Tei
  6. Recycling Organisations and Collection Points Business Environment Council Limited Business Environment Council Limited – 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong
  7. Canon – Unit 2003 & 2005-2009, Level 20, Tower I, Grand Century Place, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok
  8. Caritas (Hong Kong) – Caritas Community Centre (Kowloon) – 256B Prince Edward Road, Kowloon
  9. Caritas (Hong Kong) – Caritas Community Centre (Aberdeen) – 22 Tin Wan Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
An old televisor getting prepared for recycling
Many recycling organizations can help you get rid of your old furniture.

Seal the deal before relocating to Australia

Whether you plan on throwing some items or selling them, you should start deciding about the fate of your belongings at least two months before relocating to Australia. That way, you will have enough time to organize your inventory, which will be of great help once you let international movers Hong Kong handle your relocation. Whichever option you choose, you will be saving time, money and energy, all while being eco-friendly towards our environment! Good luck, and we wish you a pleasant relocation!

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