What to expect if moving house this fall?

With the year 2020 slowly drawing to a conclusion, we can agree that this was a strange year. It was heavily defined by the COVID-19 pandemic which caused many social and economic upsets. Most global events have been canceled, we have witnessed worldwide lockdowns, but the worst is still arguably yet to come. Some economists believe that we are on the verge of a global recession, the biggest since the Great Depression. But we must continue with our lives. People are still working, paying bills, and searching for ways to improve their everyday lives. To accomplish that, people sometimes decide to change their address, town, or even country. But what to expect if moving house this fall, how to plan anything when the situation is this unpredictable. For all of you relocating to Hong Kong, we have prepared a short guide with some useful tips that will help you to organize the move. Stay with us for more.

Reconsider your decision for moving house this fall

The global pandemic changed the way businesses function, and the moving industry is no exception. Many businesses that were labeled as “non-essential” were temporarily closed during the first wave of the pandemic. Fortunately, moving is considered an “essential” activity, so moving services are still available. However, some limitations exist:

  • Health concerns. World Health Organization advises social distancing and other prevention measures which make moving even more complicated. Also, if you believe that moving will jeopardize your health, you should postpone the event until better opportunity surfaces.
  • Legal obstacles. If you are planning a long-distance international move you should be aware that many countries have different laws and approaches when it comes to international traffic.

    Picture of a woman counting money. Prepare your budget for moving house this fall
    Since we are facing uncertain future, you should invest some time in making a quality financial plan for the move

Financial aspects for moving house this fall

Moving is one of the biggest life decisions, on par with marriage or the arrival of children. With that being said, it is only logical that you proceed with the move if you have already planned it out. In other words, moving is sometimes unavoidable, especially if you have already purchased the new property or paid the rent in advance. However here is what you should keep in mind if you are still contemplating the move:

  • With so many jobs hanging by the thread the future looks quite uncertain. Another fact is that moving can burn a considerable hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is advisable to reconsider your decision to move if you fear a drop in your income in the forthcoming period.
  • Moving quotes will be lower in the fall. The moving season typically lasts from May to September. This the period when most moving companies have full schedules. On the other hand, moving quotes, storage services, truck rentals, car shipping HK, and other moving-related services are considerably lower during the fall.

    Picture of a moving professional
    You should hire a reliable moving partner if you are moving house this fall.

It will be easier to find a quality moving agency

Like we already said, the fall is the time of the year when moving companies will have more flexible schedules. This means that you will a better choice of potential moving partners. This, in turn, translates to lower moving quotes and better deals. You will also have more freedom in choosing dates, and that might turn out to be a big plus considering the current pandemic situation. However, you must be careful when choosing your moving partner. Avoid amateur movers, and always go for fully-licensed, experienced moving companies. Here is how to do it:

  • Ask your friends for advice. Do you have friends who recently moved? See if they can recommend a reliable moving partner. Even if their experience was a bad one, you will know who not to hire.
  • Conduct an online research. Start with their website. Read the user reviews and check if they have photos from previous assignments.
  • Visit their premises in person. Are their employees uniformed, friendly, and ready to assist you? It might not sound like a big deal, but these details speak volumes about the way they conduct their business activities.
  • Do they offer understandable and fully-transparent moving contracts without hidden costs?

    Picture of rain on a window
    Autumns in Hong Kong are hot for western standards. Nevertheless, you should check the weather forecast before you move

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast

Just like the financial situation, the weather has become rather unpredictable in the last few years. Therefore, moving long-distance means that you should check the weather forecast of the country of destination. This might not seem like a big deal, but it affects your moving plan significantly:

  • Pack your essentials bag accordingly. The weather in the country of destination determines what spare clothes you will pack in your essentials bag. Speaking of Hong Kong, you should know that the average temperature is around 75°F (24°C), so you better pack some light clothes.
  • Adjust the order of packing. One of the oldest tricks from the books when it comes to packing is that you should first pack stuff that you won’t need immediately when you arrive. You will also unpack these items last. So, put winter clothes aside and you will have better access to items you need right away.

Additional tips for moving house this fall

  • Don’t forget that school calendars are different in most countries.
  • Set up utilities in advance. Call your new cable, internet, and telephone providers so that you have everything already up and running when you arrive.
  • Check the necessary paperwork that you will have to obtain, especially medical documents. You will probably have to prove that you have tested for COVID-19.

These were some of the things that you could expect when moving house this fall. If you want to avoid any unforeseen events, we advise you follow the situation, as well as to take a look at our blog for the best tips and advice. Good luck!

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