Why you need a moving essentials bag (and what to put in it)

When relocating, you will need a special bag named ” moving essentials bag”. Basically, after acquiring moving service Hong Kong, you will need to actually travel to your new destination. You will need your essential items for the trip. But that is not all, you may need to live without the rest of your items for some time, in some cases, and you may only have what’s in that bag, for the time being. This article will cover everything that you need to know about the essentials bag.

Why do we need a moving essentials bag?

This bag is going to be holding the items that you absolutely can’t risk to lose. It will help you organize and it will minimize the stress on a moving day. Basically, it will contain all the essential items without which you simply can’t function, such as wallets, keys, medications, and so on.

What should we put in a moving essentials bag?

Everyone has different needs and each bag will be different. However, some of the mainstays are:

  • Important documents and medications
  • Basic toiletries and hygiene products
  • Don’t forget to put a change of clothes in your moving essentials bag
  • Electronics, jewelry and pet items
Put your medicine in your essentials bag.

Important documents and medications

You simply can’t afford to be without your ID, passport, and similar documents. Never pack these in moving boxes, carry them with you. The same goes for medications. Make sure that you have enough for at least a couple of weeks. In fact, ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong recommends that you pack enough for a month or two, in case of rare medications.

Basic toiletries and hygiene products

You will need these items for your day to day life. You don’t need to overfill the bag with such items, however. Wherever you end up, you will most likely be able to buy replacements. Make sure to have supplies to last you a few days, though. You may have more important things to do than go shopping.

Don’t forget to put a change of clothes in your moving essentials bag

Sometimes, your items may get held up for one reason or another. Even if they do not, you will have a hard time accessing your wardrobe. Also, you may have other things on your mind. For convenience’s sake, you should have packed several sets of clothing, one of each type.

One change of pants and shirt is more than enough. You will also need something warm, you never know what might happen. Then you will need a pair of pajamas, a few pairs of socks and some underwear. That should cover all of the clothing in the essentials bag.

Pack several sets of clothing.

Electronics, jewelry and pet items

We simply cannot imagine life today without our electronics. Items such as mobile phones and entertainment devices is what makes our life easier. Make sure to have some space in the bag for them. Also, all your expensive jewelry needs to go with you, never put that in a bag that is being transported by someone else.

Also, if you are moving with your pet, put enough food for a couple of days, as well as some water, treats, toys and medications.

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