A guide to throwing a going away party

Moving is an emotional experience. You will feel a lot of things, from stress, over excitement to sadness. They don’t say that it is one of the most impactful happenings in one’s life. And people move at least a few times during their lifetime. That’s a good reason to plan a going away party, as a form of celebrating the move. If you want to have an enjoyable time during your party, let the movers Hong Kong take care of your moving preparations. But while it is an event to enjoy, the party preparations can also cause stress. With our help, throwing a going away party will only bring joy into your life. Read on.

When throwing a going away party, start preparation early

With a long to-do list of very important moving tasks, the going away party preparations can easily fall behind. Many people decide not to organize one at all, due to the lack of time and money. But if time is what’s stopping you, know that hiring movers before relocating to Hong Kong will save you a huge amount of time. Throwing a going away party is not difficult if you start on time. It might not take long, but you still need to do certain tasks to ensure success. Some of the things that you should do are:

  • Decide who you want to invite
  • Think about the food and drinks that you want to offer
  • Don’t stress about the decorations
Picture of people talking
The preparations for throwing a going away party should be done on time

Who do you want to invite?

This is the first thing that needs your attention when planning a party. It will influence the amount of food and beverages needed, which will directly affect the budget needed for your party. And let’s not lie, money is tight nowadays. Your party doesn’t have to be spectacular. A warm, relaxing atmosphere will be talked about for a long time. Think of all the people that helped you alongside some international moving company Hong Kong employees. Your closest friends and family members are the most important people to have, and you might not even need more than that.

Food and beverages

No party is complete without food and drinks. You can decide whether you want to serve a full three-course meal or just snacks. Also, you need to think about whether you want to cook it yourself or order it. Cooking might take more time, but everything homemade is so much better, your quests will appreciate it. Leftover snacks can be served to your domestic moving services Hong Kong providers. Moving is hard work, and they will need energy. When it comes to drinks, you will likely decide to offer alcoholic beverages, for a really fun happy hour. But keep in mind that some people might not consume it, so prepare for that in advance.


We all want a perfectly decorated room for our party, but decorations are overrated sometimes. When organizing parties, the majority of the money is spent on decorations. You can put up a few simple decorations if you are moving on a budget, and natural flowers are not necessary. If you are inviting only your closest people, they come to spend time with you before you leave, not judge you for your party theme, so relax.

Picture of confetti after throwing a going away party
Decoration is not something you should stress about

Conclusion on throwing a going away party

Throwing a going away party should be a pleasure, not another stress-causing event. You will have more than enough things to stress about, so just go with the flow when organizing your party. We wish you good luck and an enjoyable partying time!

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