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There is an easy way of taking the stress out of your move! Whether you are moving locally or over long distances, ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong will be there to lend you a hand! In order to provide all of you with the best possible moving experience, we have prepared for you top-notch moving services! Therefore, if you are getting ready for moving from Hong Kong to Singapore, give our movers a call. We will gladly answer all your questions and show you what a hassle-free move looks like! Get in touch with ReloSmart movers and schedule your move today!

Find experienced movers

When you are about to relocate, you for sure feel a lot of excitement. But once the first wave of that goes away, many people stay overwhelmed with the number of tasks they have to complete in order to relocate their home from one place to another. Have in mind that there are so many different movers in the market. And you probably don’t want to get someone who couldn’t handle the problem if it occurs on a moving day. So try to avoid amateurs and ask for a recommendation if you have friends who moved recently. If this is not the case, you will have to take some time to research. Go to their website and read all you can about the company. Look for how long they are on the market and if they provide the moving service Hong Kong that you need.

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Experienced movers will make your relocation easy as 1-2-3.

Don’t skip reading the reviews that other people have left. Their experience can be the reason why you choose them.  Once you go to the initial interview, feel free to ask them all you would love to know. Check if their team has all the certificates and also if they have the right equipment. There is no stupid question. Every move is quite unique, so you maybe want to know if you can count on them to be pet movers Hong Kong. It is convenient to hire local movers from the place you are leaving. It would be easy to get in touch with them and they are familiar with all the specifics of your neighborhood. So they will know just the best way to approach your home with their big moving truck.

ReloSmart Movers can make your relocation a breeze!

ReloSmart Movers is a moving company that started with one goal – to provide our clients with hassle-free relocations. Most people have bad experiences with moving companies and we wanted to change that. We have come up with a plan of offering our clients SMART moving services that can make any relocation simple. Therefore, when hiring ReloSmart Movers, you will be able to choose from many moving services, but you can also get Smart storage HK to store your belongings in a safe place.

You will see that using storage Hong Kong based will make your moving experience a lot lighter. And getting advice from movers can be precious and you should take it as a valuable thing. What most of our clients like about our moving company is the fact that we have a thorough talk with all of them before the move. We listen to their needs and answer all of their questions regarding their upcoming relocation. Whoever decides to hire our international movers can be sure that we will do our best to help you enjoy your relocation.

What makes our international movers stand out?

One of the reasons why our international and domestic movers HK are recognized as one of the best in Hong Kong is their professionalism and strong work ethic. That made us stand out in the sea of average moving companies. From the very first beginning, our goal was to gather the best moving professionals in Hong Kong. All of our movers are trained and have the necessary knowledge and skills. All of them are eager to learn and work to become even better at what they are doing. You will recognize our quality as soon as you get in touch with us!

Tailoring the move from Hong Kong to Singapore according to your needs

ReloSmart Movers will do everything in order to make you feel comfortable during your move!  This is why it is necessary to have a thorough talk with you before the relocation. Feel free to tell us how you imagine your move. Ask us anything regarding your relocation and we will gladly provide you with answers. We understand that every location is unique in its own way. Whether you’re moving from Hong Kong to Singapore or just a few blocks away, you’ll be in safe hands with Relosmart movers by your side.

Tailoring the move from Hong Kong to Singapore according to your needs
ReloSmart Asia will help you tailor the move from Hong Kong to Singapore according to your needs.

Top-notch services at a cost-effective price

Our dedicated and hardworking staff is ready to relocate your belongings from point A to point B in the safest and fastest manner. In addition to this, we at ReloSmart Movers wanted to provide all of you with the best possible moving experience. Because of this, we have prepared for you top-notch moving services to choose from for our upcoming move. Our moving services include:

  • International Move
  • Domestic Move
  • Storage
  • Transit Insurance
  • Packing Material
  • Excess Baggage Services
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Pet Relocation

As you can see all of these services are here to make your relocation a breeze! And if you’re worrying about whether you’ll be able to afford them, fear not! In order to provide all of our clients with excellent relocation services, we made them affordable. Whether you’ll be moving on a tight budget or not, feel free to give us a call! Also, you can visit our website and get a free moving quote in a matter of seconds!

Are you thinking about moving from Hong Kong to Singapore?

When moving internationally, everything needs to be seamlessly organized from start to finish. Doing this will guarantee you that your move will be successful. However, organizing a local move on your own is feasible, but when it comes to organizing international relocations, things are a little bit different. If you don’t have reliable International movers HK by your side, you might struggle with organizing the whole relocation. Apart from finding packing supplies, and packing all of your precious belongings the right way, you will have to take care of many other things. Finding a home, dealing with paperwork, and learning about a new country are just some of them. Fortunatelyif you decide to hire ReloSmart Movers, your international relocation will be as easy as 1-2-3!

A brief overview of Singapore

There is no reason for telling you that Singapore is one of the top tourist attractions. If you are moving from Hong Kong to Singapore, you already know that! This small island country is a country of tall buildings, tasty dishes, and great people. So, you are in luck if you are moving here! Singapore consists of several districts and all of them are densely populated. Each District has its own story to tell. They are all unique in their own way so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect neighborhood for your home.

Singapore national symbol, an 8.6-meter-high sculpture of lava fish weighing 70 tons, called Merlion
Singapore’s national symbol is an 8.6-meter-high sculpture of lava called Merlion.

As soon as you move, make sure to create a plan for visiting Singapore’s attractions. If you want to rest, you should go to one of three beaches on the island of Santos, or if you want to visit the highest point of view in Asia, visit the Tiger Sky Tower. In addition to this, we have to mention the Singapore national symbol, an 8.6-meter-high sculpture of lava fish weighing 70 tons, called Merlion! Without any doubt, you will have a blast after moving to Singapore!

Leaving Hong Kong

If you were wondering if are you the only one who’s thinking of leaving Hong Kong, we have to tell you that’s not the thing. Census and Statistics Department notes that Hong Kong records a net outflow of 252,100 people just between the years 2019 and 2021. They say that the peak was at the end of the year 2020. Then even 96,400 people left the city. The government tried to downsize that outflow since the exodus impacted the economic status of the city.

Census and Statistics Department notes that Hong Kong records a net outflow of 252,100 people just between the years 2019 and 2021.

The population drop is alarming since nearly 90,000 people have left Hong Kong in 12 months. The trend of Hongkongers who packed their bags in search of a better life continued. So it is noted that between mid-2021 and mid-2022 even 113,200 have left.

Why do people decide to relocate from Hong Kong?

If you were wondering why so many people leave Hong Kong, we are about to number some of the reasons. Air pollution is getting worse, so people want to run from it. This is especially important to people who suffer from asthma and some allergies. But overall, who doesn’t want to live in a healthier environment? Another reason is noise. With a population of 7,291,600 people, the only possible thing is that the place is crowded. That implies the level of noise that is a real difficulty for living.

On top of that many employees have very long work hours and often are overloaded with work. That is necessary because the rent is there pretty high. And exactly that rent is another reason why people decide to leave. When it comes to weather Hong Kong has sub-tropical weather. November and December are known for pleasant breezes with comfortable temperatures and a lot of sunshine. But those are the best months of the year. The coldest month is January and the most humid one is August when it falls about 281mm of rain.

Are foreign welcomed in Singapore?

Currently, the net migration rate in this year in Singapore is 4.570 per population of 1000. That number increased from 2021. There are many reasons why people decide to move there. When you are thinking of moving to Singapore, they probably want to know the crime rate which is low there. Other advantages are a phenomenal education system and a pretty good climate. The political environment is stable. Sometimes it is called an expat-friendly city-state. The reason is their policies that welcome foreigners to have all the comfort that the city can provide.

Hire ReloSmart for your move from Hong Kong to Singapore!

So, are you ready for the best possible moving experience? In order to schedule your move, all you have to do is get in touch with ReloSmart Movers, and leave the rest to our moving experts! With ReloSmart Movers by your side, moving from Hong Kong to Singapore will be over in no time and done with no problems along the way! What are you waiting for? Give us a call and choose us as your trustworthy moving ally!

move from Hong Kong to Singapore!
Hire ReloSmart for your move from Hong Kong to Singapore!

Are you now ready for your move from Hong Kong to Singapore?

We highlighted some important things that can be useful for you before you start your move from Hong Kong to Singapore. And we do hope that you find them helpful. Have in mind that good organization is half of the job. So prepare well and in advance. If you are reading this, then you are already on the good road to gathering useful information. Keep on doing that. Sit down and make lists of tasks that await you. Have in mind that moving is a complex event and that any kind of help is very welcome. After you sign the deal with your movers, ask your friends and family member if they are willing and able to help. Divide some of the tasks with them. Write it all down since something can slip out of your mind. And try to enjoy the transition as much as possible.

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