How to prepare for moving to another continent for work

Relocating from one part of the city to another for work or moving to another place in the country are quite common and don’t present big challenges. There are many ways to inform yourself and you can even ask people you know because chances are, a few of them already went through that process. However, moving to another continent for work will require a bit more preparation and planning. Health care, visas, and other small details need to be in place when you move from your home, a place you are familiar with, to a totally new environment. Here are some useful tips on how to do it well.

Mental preparation for moving to another continent for work

The job can’t be well done unless your mind is fully prepared for what is to come. A totally new stage of your life is approaching and you need to embrace it with open arms. Yes, everything will be different from what you are used to, culture, food, people’s behavior, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It will give you so many new work opportunities and life experiences you will never regret making the decision. Once you are ready for the task, let us begin!

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Moving to another continent for work can be tiring.

Work visas, permits, and regulations

The second step of preparation is finding a job before moving to another continent. Obtaining a work permit is not an easy task, and even more difficult if you live in a two-income household. Certain countries allow only one spouse to have employee status and it is important to inform yourself about the particular laws and regulations concerning the employment in the country you are moving to. Even though the entry requirements are rigorous and acquiring a work permit is a complex process, people are frequently moving abroad for work opportunities and life experiences outside their usual surroundings.

Moving from Asia to North America

One of the especially complex moving processes is the one from Asia to North America. Even though a tourist trip from Asia to North America is not a hard thing to do, the moving process is a totally different thing. You need a lot of knowledge about the law in the USA and Canada. Aside from knowing about work visas and permits you’ll need to educate yourself about other details that will concern you. Although moving to Canada from Hong Kong can be difficult, it’s not impossible.

Prioritize what you pack

What you bring along to a new country is a tad bit different from the stuff you’d choose to pack if you were moving just a few blocks from your current place. Don’t forget you are moving to another continent for work. You should keep that in mind while you’re packing your belongings. Right afterward should come the things you can’t buy in a different country. Whether it’s a piece of clothes you are attached to sentimentally or a bag of snacks you want to savor when you feel nostalgic, it should be added.

Also, make sure to research prices in the country you are moving to. It is often shocking how different the prices of goods are on another continent. For example, in some countries, the technology is much cheaper than average while in others the food is ridiculously expensive. Therefore, bring along what you think might save you some cash.

Choose the agency properly before moving abroad for work

When moving your belongings abroad for work, moving agencies tend to ask for a much higher price than for domestic relocations. Quite often, the main reason is the tariffs that ought to be paid to both the country you’re leaving and the one you are moving to.

A woman is traveling carrying her luggage
Make your moving to another continent for work comfortable.

That doesn’t mean some agencies will ask for unnecessarily higher prices so broaden your choice of agencies. You’ll want to find a trustworthy company that will make this process easier for you. A moving company like ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong does a great job at providing you with great service while staying flexible towards your needs. Also, prepare a lot of patience to deal with movers, shipping, customs, and airlines. Your possessions might arrive late and some of them might be kept longer at the customs. Don’t worry, it is almost always part of the process.

Is your driver’s license acceptable?

A lot of countries accept international driver’s licenses and you will have no problem after applying for one. It is a United Nations regulated document designed for your safety and ease of travel. However, there is a significant number of countries that either require you to apply for a few more documents or to get their own licenses. Here are some of the major countries which require an international driving license:

  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Israel

Prepare for a culture shock

Anyone who has some experience with living abroad will confirm to you that culture shock is a real thing and not only that, but it is also one of the main challenges people face after relocating to another continent for work. However, being aware that culture shock is a thing isn’t enough. You need to prepare for this natural part of the process. Here are some tips:

  • Inform yourself about the country/continent you are moving to. Contact relocation services Hong Kong for any questions that might concern you. Find some of your personal hobbies and learn about how people from the place you are moving to view them. Cooking is not the same process in Italy and Japan. Playing instruments can be a totally different experience in Russia and Australia. Read books, watch documentaries and find out other people’s views of the world.
  • Learn to adjust. Your habits might be seen as normal or polite in one country however, on a totally different continent, your behavior could be seen as rude. For example, slurping while eating is seen as extremely rude in Europe, but it is seen as very polite and admirable in Japan. Be prepared to accept new ways of doing things and you will be granted to have a wonderful experience.
  • Have something to remind you of home. Sometimes, you might feel more nostalgic than usual and that is perfectly normal. It can never hurt to bring a few small details to help you out get through the difficult period of adaptation to a new culture. A small toy, picture, or book will always help when feeling like home is too far away.
Two flight tickets are on top of a smart phone.
Plan everything from the moving company to the flight seats.

If you know someone, contact them

If you are moving to another continent for work, you might already have a coworker there or a friend. Use that and ask them for information, advice, and recommendations. Knowing someone in a foreign country can be a valuable asset. They can give you tips, guide you and introduce you to more people who work in the same industry or live in the same neighborhood. What better way to start off working abroad than by meeting new people?

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